When is a Good Time for B2B Businesses to Rebrand?

When is a Good Time for B2B Businesses to Rebrand?

23 Feb 2023 | 6 min read

Rebranding is a natural step to take in any business cycle. Even the most successful and longest-standing businesses will need to rebrand eventually. But when and why you should add rebranding to your B2B marketing strategies is a tough decision. So let’s look at the different factors contributing to this important decision.


  • You’re doing something new

If your B2B business only has a logo design and brand colour, without any other brand assets and now wants to have a pronounced online presence, you are definitely in need of a rebrand


Because today is not like yesterday and what worked in the past most likely will not work in the future. Today, businesses need a multitude of branding materials to incorporate into your new website, new social media assets, ad campaigns and possibly future products and services designs. 

Having strong brand marketing will prove crucial in the long term, especially for B2B businesses who are constantly growing, coming out with new products/services, and actively seeking funding or raising capital that will require professional collateral (such as a pitch deck that’s on brand) for investors. This leads us to the next point →


  • You’re growing rapidly

If your B2B business is expanding at the speed of light (hey, a business owner can dream, right?) and there are more team members or a marketing agency executing your marketing campaigns, they will need better branding guidelines and consistent branding assets.

This might be a good time to have a branding overhaul and choose a suitable visual representation, tone of voice, brand personalities, etc. for your B2B business. Not only will it greatly increase your brand recognition, build a strong brand image (both physically and digitally) but it will also generate more leads and bring in higher quality clients by maximising your appeal to them.

  • Your brand lacks consistency

If your B2B business is putting out content with multiple tones of voice and differing visual elements, you are really confusing your customers. They might not even think your website, socials, any collateral, or ads even belong to you (!)

Lacking consistency is a problem many B2B businesses run into. And it's not uncommon for clients to ask “What exactly does your company do?” Ouch. This is a clear sign for you to start planning a rebrand. 

You should think about your brand holistically, not just graphic-wise. Think about what your brand voice will be - how do you want to verbally interact with your customers? Or brand personalities - if your brand was a person, what is that person like? Put all these down in a standard brand guide for future uses. 


  • Your brand is out of date

‘Out of date’ could mean either one of 2 things: your brand needs a visual refresh to keep up with changing times, or your brand is not keeping up with customer preferences. 

Either way, having a ‘stale’ branding might lose you more $$ than you think. People are moving online more than ever, with more than 2 billion people shopping online in 2020, and if your branding isn’t digital-ready, you’re missing out.

Having a fresh branding with appealing visuals and distinct brand voice will also give you a competitive edge over your competitors who might not be doing the same. And it’s always good to know what your customers want and adapt accordingly.


  • You’re changing your business’ name

Sometimes the name you’ve previously chosen no longer fits into who you are or the industry you’re in and it’s misleading your customers, or there might be a trademark conflict that requires a name change. Whatever the reason is, this might be a good opportunity for your business to turn a new leaf.

Your new name deserves a branding that will correspond with it. Not only will this help all communications with your customers, investors, partners and internal staff be more consistent, but it will better position your B2B business in its market. Furthermore, a more attractive branding might capture new audiences that you were missing out on before. 

They say looks aren’t everything, but it definitely is something. So why not maximise your appeal where you can and continue to build a memorable brand?


Choosing the right B2B digital marketing agency for your business’ rebrand is not the easiest decision to make. That’s why we encourage you to look for those who have a great track record of providing full service to bring your brand to life through digital presence, great websites and proven successes. It’s important the agency doesn’t stop at designing the branding but is able to activate that into a holistic digital experience.

Mo Works is a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne and Adelaide, with a strong portfolio in producing award-winning graphic designs and branding for B2B businesses. We’ve helped countless B2B businesses scale and expand their operations, launch new products and reach new target markets by effective branding and growth strategies. 

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