How to gain leads and grow your B2B business with video marketing

How to gain leads and grow your B2B business with video marketing

16 Oct 2023

Video content has skyrocketed in popularity recently, quickly becoming the favoured way to engage in marketing as more platforms focus on video formats. By taking stock of this trend and incorporating video content into their marketing strategies, B2B tech businesses can increase sales and engagement levels. Now is the time for B2B tech businesses to get involved in creating video content.


B2B Tech Marketing: Taking your video content from engagement to conversion

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, short-form, easily accessible videos have become the norm. So what can you do to utilise video content marketing for your B2B business?

B2B tech marketing needs to adopt a tailored approach to video content. Like with any other marketing strategy, the main goal is to attract prospective customers, enhance audience engagement, and ultimately turn opportunities into long-term partnerships. 

Audience research is a priority

When looking at creating any video content, remember who you are speaking to. Who is the main audience? What issue will your product or service solve for them? How are you going to communicate this in a way that appeals specifically to them? Focusing on your target demographic and their personal preferences allows you to ensure your message is reaching the right audience.

Focus on audience retention

Getting your audience's attention is just the beginning, retaining their attention for the length of your video is where success happens. Embrace interactive trends and audience collaboration. By engaging your audience in the creation of your brand, you create a personal tie that increases interest and brand loyalty. 

Content is just one part of the equation

Your video content should be complemented by other strategies such as SEO, blog posts, and active social media engagement to build a thriving online community. By echoing your message across all platforms, you’re maximising your reach, amplifying your message and enriching overall brand loyalty.

Address every stage of the sales cycle

Tailoring your video content for prospects at different points of the sales journey – whether it’s the exploration phase, middle-stage evaluation, or even those looking for a product refresh – can lead to better engagement and conversion.

Alignment is the key

Let your videos be an extension of your broader marketing strategy. The digital landscape is a crowded place, especially for B2B businesses. Demonstrate your stand-out brand: unique brand voice, creativity and authenticity. 


Embrace and explore trends: Stay relevant with your video marketing strategy

The digital world, and tech marketing content, are ever-evolving. Keeping up with tech video trends, marketing, and overall video trends is an easy way to stay ahead in the game. Some more recent trends are:

Social media video optimization

Social media has always had a great level of impact on brands, particularly in the last few years with the rise of dedicated video platforms like TikTok and the creation of Instagram reels. When creating content for these platforms, remember the key points: your videos need to lead with a hook and be short, snappy and vertically filmed for platform integration.

Soundless optimisation

Silence just so happens to be golden when it comes to social media platforms. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are pre-set to mute videos, so content needs to engage your audience without sound. For B2B marketers, commuters are an important group, they also contribute heavily to the 85% of Facebook videos watched with the sound off. Plus, soundless optimisation makes your content more accessible. 

Interactive and collaborative videos

Interactive and collaborative content has proven more engaging for potential customers. By allowing your audience to contribute to campaigns, and slogans, and interact with videos and livestreams, you allow them to identify more closely with the brand, which in turn boosts loyalty and creates a bond. This can be increased with the addition of “branching interaction”, an interactive feature that can be added to videos to create a personal experience where the audience is encouraged to actively participate in shaping a narrative

Shoppable videos

The average click-through rate is around 4-5%. By enabling potential customers to shop directly from the video without having to click through to a website, you create a higher level of engagement. 

Live-action 360 videos

360 videos have shown far more engagement than standard formatting. Allowing potential customers to navigate a 360 view of a product or space, enhances engagement by allowing them their own perspective. 

VR Videos

VR is becoming far more standard and is one way to engage potential customers by adopting the tactics of interaction and collaboration to create a fully immersive experience. 

Animated Avatars

The pandemic saw a surge in animated videos, the medium allowing for more flexible and creative video experiences. With a longer shelf life, animations offer marketers a more adaptable canvas.

Don't have time to immerse yourself in video marketing? 

That’s where we come in. People want to be more engaged and involved in the marketing process and manage their own experience of products and services. Social media as a whole is shifting towards short, sharp, easily digestible video content with high entertainment value. At Mo Works, we can support your business from content creation to video production and help you embrace the fantastic opportunity here for B2B tech businesses. We can help you leverage platforms like TikTok and Instagram to push your branding and increase audience engagement and retention.

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