Social Media Marketing: How to Use Instagram Reels For Business

Social Media Marketing: How to Use Instagram Reels For Business

Sami Jenkins

Sami Jenkins

14 Jul 2021 | 3 min read

If you haven’t started to incorporate video content on your social media, now is the time to start. Read more to understand the importance of utilising Instagram Reels for your business and some useful ideas to get you started.

We always hear the saying that ‘content is king’ in digital marketing, and now more so than ever, videos have become the king of digital content. In between a global pandemic and the outbreak of TikTok, it only makes sense that Instagram would innovate its own video-sharing feature on the app called ‘Reels’. Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels are a permanent 15-30 second video feature which allows users to create content on the app that appears on the users profile, followers feed, and even on the ‘Explore’ tab (if you have a public account) for other users to view. 

According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support over other forms of content. This is a major game changer for digital creators (aka ‘influencers’) and businesses (small & large). So much so that Instagram has now just announced it is “no longer a photo-sharing app”, but instead it will continue to enhance video content and shopping features on the app. This is a new way for digital creators and businesses to promote and sell their products. 

What differentiates Instagram Reels from TikTok?

Although the introduction of Reels may be a direct result of TikTok’s popularity, they are considered to be more suitable for brands. This was in fact revealed from a study conducted by Markerly, an influencer marketing solution. Their study showed that brands receive more engagement through Reels, while influencers receive more engagement through TikTok. Unlike TikTok, Reels allows users to ‘View Product’ shown in the video and link you to shop online. This lets businesses promote more branded video content that takes viewers through the sales process on the Instagram app.

So now you’re probably wondering how to use Instagram Reels for your business? Well here are a few ideas that could help you get started:

  1. Give your followers an insight BTS: This is a fun and easy way to build a relationship with your customers (or soon-to-be customers). As we are all becoming more aware of the importance of a brand’s values and want brands to be more transparent, a Reel is a perfect way to show what a day in the office looks like and getting to know the team behind your brand, or show how and where your product is made - this could help add meaning to your brand.

  2. Create a tutorial: This is where digital creators come in handy! There’s no denying that influencers aren't, well, influential - the right ones for your brand anyway.  According to Instagram, 87% of people say that an influencer has driven them to make a purchase. You can use them to create a Reel showcasing how they use your product, whether it might be how they incorporate a product in their makeup routine, or how they style a piece of clothing...the list goes on.

  3. Educate, Educate, and Educate: Reels can be a way you provide viewers with valuable information about your brand and products. You could use Reels to create a Q+A video which allows you to engage with your audience. Let them know why they need your product and how it’s going to add value to their life.

These are just a few simple ways to kick-start Reels for your business. As you start to figure out what your viewers enjoy seeing more of, you’ll be able to plan your video content more strategically as part of your social media marketing. And don’t forget to add:

  • Some humour - Reels don’t have to be so serious.
  • Good music - this is a must if there is no other audio in your video.
  • Informative caption - make sure you include relevant tags & links.

    Leveraging Instagram Reels feature right now is crucial if you’re looking to start producing video content. At Mo Works, we are sure loving this new trend. If you need help creating a killer social media marketing strategy, get in touch with us!


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