Top 5 AI Tools to Boost Your Marketing Tactics

Top 5 AI Tools to Boost Your Marketing Tactics

09 Feb 2023 | 5 min read

The use of artificial intelligence has made its way into the mainstream marketing industry and beyond. It’s easily one of the biggest marketing trends of 2023.

Most businesses, big or small, are currently using some kind of AI-powered marketing tools to collect and analyse data and strategise actions for their brand. Whatever you need, there’s an AI for that.

Here are Mo Works’ top 5 AI-powered tools for you to step up your marketing game in 2023.


ChatGPT has been making waves in the marketing-enthusiast community. It’s an AI tool that focuses on ‘optimising language models for dialogue’. This means that whatever question you enter into the chat (e.g. ‘Write me an email to promote my new product’ or ‘ad Ideas to promote solar panels’), ChatGPT will generate copy that is natural, engaging, informative, and at best professional for your marketing purposes.

What’s better, is that this tool now comes with its own Google Chrome extension: Enhanced ChatGPT. With this extension, ChatGPT users can access new features (chat export, prompt template) and get more out of their conversations with ChatGPT.

Price: Free

Best feature: Perfect for generating quick ideas, human-sounding copy


Have you ever found yourself at a meeting taking notes and when you come back to the conversation, you’re like ‘Whaaat…?’ 

Or they’re talking so fast your brain can’t write everything down quickly enough.

Yeah. Happens to the best of us.

From now on, stop getting distracted during meetings. You can stay focused and engaged, and leave the rest to Supernormal. It’s an AI-powered tool that automatically captures the transcript and writes meeting notes 20 times faster. Plus, there’s a feature that helps record key moments of the meeting so you can go back and watch it next to the notes.

Price: Free for 10 meetings/month

Best feature: Hassle-free note-taking. Detailed, organised, unlimited length


Running out of ways to say something? You can skip the thesaurus for just individual words and go straight for Wordtune. 

It’s an AI-powered tool to help you paraphrase long sentences, even short paragraphs (maximum 280 characters). What’s more impressive, with a Premium account, you can even change the tone of your writing from casual to formal, even expanding the length of your text.

Price: 3 plans ranging from Free, Premium & Premium for Teams

Best feature: Clear, compelling, authentic copywriting


Need to automate a repetitive task? Look no further than Bardeen.

Stop spending hours copy-pasting your target’s LinkedIn profile information into a Google sheet. Extract data from any website and let Bardeen automate it into a spreadsheet. Bardeen’s AI power can automate any task without you having to write codes for it. 

This tool will save you and your team HOURS of work. Time is money, they say, so don’t waste it.

Price: Currently free for all users

Best feature: Code-free, easy to integrate


Having trouble executing your outreach strategy? 

With Waalaxy, you can automate personalised messages, invitations, follow-ups & more to your lists of prospects. You can either import contacts from LinkedIn or from a file and set up different flows for each segment of your prospects.

With 80% of B2B leads generated on social media coming from Linkedin, having an automated leads strategy in place is a no-brainer!

Price: Ranging from Free-Pro-Advanced to Business

Best feature: Automate your lead strategy to engage with potential customers


All in all, AI tools are a powerful way to boost your marketing activities, whether you’re an independent business or a marketing freelancer working for various brands. However, keep in mind that these tools are not a replacement for a strong marketing strategy. These will only complement your efforts if you have a well-thought-out strategy in place.


Need help with building a solid marketing strategy for your business? Or how to implement these AI tools into your operations? Get in touch with us today and let’s grow your business together.



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