2023 Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Know

2023 Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Know

01 Feb 2023 | 5 min read

Whether you’re a freelance marketer or working in-house, these are some of the biggest trends you can expect to impact the digital marketing space. Utilise these tips to supercharge your success in 2023.


  • The Metaverse

Although taking a dip in 2022 with profits plummeting, many still believe the Metaverse is the future of the internet. As consumers are always looking for new ways to engage with their favourite brands, the metaverse offers an exciting platform where both parties can interact, communicate and connect.

Recently, Nike announced they were going to let people codesign virtual Nike products and earn royalties from their sales. Starbucks will integrate NFTs with its loyalty program, allowing members and employees to earn and purchase digital collectables that can unlock new benefits and access to immersive coffee experiences.

Now that’s something I want to get on board as a customer.


  • Short Video Formats

You know the saying. “Keep it short and sweet”

TikTok and Instagram Reels are still taking over and they’re here to stay. Shocking. Not only is it the most effective marketing content format, but it also has the highest ROI. 90% of short-form video marketers increase or maintain their investment over time.  
With stats like that, Youtube and Facebook were feeling very left out, now jumping on the bandwagon releasing Youtube shorts and Facebook Reels… we’re yet to try these! EEEK. But we all know when a platform releases a new feature, the algorithm helps the users who jump on it straight away!

Haven’t joined the club yet? 

You can start now by watching, learning, and experimenting. The good news is you can now schedule Reels and TikToks with multiple social media management tools and platforms, so it will be easier for you to plan and post.


  • AI

We get it. Using AI might sound intimidating to many. Especially for businesses that are still getting used to the very basic website ideologies. 

But, if you’ve ever used Grammarly to spell-check your copy or seen posts tailored to your liking on the Explore page on Instagram, chances are you’re already interacting with AIs.

Using an AI-powered tool can help you hit that sweet spot between efficiency and creativity when it comes to executing your marketing strategies. There are many powerful AI-powered marketing tools to help you with a range of activities, from content creation, social planning, SEO, data collection, and so much more! It’s an open AI buffet. So take your pick.

And remember, if you’re not utilising it, your competitors are. Time to catch up!


  • Marketing automation

As marketers are increasingly dealing with large amounts of data to implement more effective marketing campaigns, the need to automate repetitive tasks and routines is more significant than ever.

This is where automation tools step in and save the day. Every time.

The use of automation tools for internal processes can greatly enhance customer experience through personalisation. These can include tools for CRM, social media planning, advertising, content creation or lead management.


  • SEO 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. SEO is here to stay. Period.

Having your websites and content discoverable on search engines (Google, Bing) is the key to long-term traffic growth and possibly more leads, more conversion, and more sales.

When asked what marketers will invest most money in for 2023, SEO came third only to short-form videos and influencer marketing. Businesses are looking more holistically at SEO, not just churning out content that answers search terms, but also search insights reports and multimedia optimisation.


  • Mobile optimisation

More than half of online website traffic comes from mobile devices annually. That’s saying something.

With mobile device usage continuing to rise as millennials and Gen-Zers’ buying power increases (millennial spending at $65 billion and Gen Z at almost $100 billion), mobile-optimised customer experiences will be vital to businesses that market to a fast-paced generation.

Not only applicable for websites, but they’re also important for other marketing tactics, such as emails or newsletters.


  • Content to Connect

Content usage can be for more than just sales. In 2023, you should be using content to connect and build communities. As the younger generation of buyers is now more interested in the values and ethos of a brand, companies need to slip a few streaks of personality into their branding and the content they share.

This expands beyond just the content. You should also be asking yourself - Where should I share this content?

Tailoring your content to suit a specific platform is a big part of the work. TikTok used to push for videos, but now they’ve shifted gears and are focusing more on knowledge sharing through carousel posts. The opposite is true for Instagram, as they’re pushing more for Reels (or short video content).

The bottom line is that you’ve got to do your research and be willing to explore and immerse yourself in any platform or tactics that might benefit your marketing strategies. 2023 is the year for trial, experience and growth. Tailor these trends to your specific business and keep exploring!


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