B2C Marketing Strategies that can Reshape B2B Marketing

B2C Marketing Strategies that can Reshape B2B Marketing

19 Oct 2022 | 5 min read

B2C brands have always been the leaders of marketing trends and continue to raise the bar in the marketing world. With many new tactics, mediums, channels or methods that are going around, the B2B space tends to be left behind or arrive late to the party. 


3 Tips B2B can Learn from B2C Marketing

Many B2B brands do not realise that they can utilise B2C strategies in their marketing. So, we are here to cover all that we learned from B2C marketing that can reshape the B2B marketing space.

  • Engage Emotionally


B2B brands tend to focus on product features and services that sound more high quality and professional. However, B2B can also take inspiration from B2C to target and tap into their audience's specific wants and needs - leading to sales. 


This is important because at the end of the day, VPs and managers are also humans and we need to relate to them. Moreover, you need to differentiate your brand from competitors and you need to offer much more than just features and functions. 


Emotional marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make your targets cry. It is more about showing empathy and understanding their customers’ challenges. Then, continue with how your service or product can solve their pain points such as cost reduction, efficiency, effective process, clarity, and more. 


  • Personalisation

Although B2B customers appreciate more technical terms at times, they can also appreciate personal connections. B2C demonstrates a good example of a personalised approach in most marketing strategies. From loyalty cards, brand tone, upbeat messaging and more, B2C shows this can lead to additional sales.

B2B brands can learn from these strategies, allowing the opportunity for more personal communications with customers. It doesn’t mean you need to remove professionalism or technological terms from your campaign. However, it is more about adding a touch of personality to the mix and adjusting to convey a more friendly tone. You can do this by personalising the communication, empathising with their issues and challenges, and encouraging more engagement. 

  • Utilise Social Media


Social media is a key tool in B2C marketing. With the majority of the population active on social media, B2C brands are utilising the platforms' static and video content to reach their target audience. Social media can be used to understand consumers better: their challenges, expectations, preferences, and more. It can also be used to engage with customers, enhance reputation, build community, and generate leads. 

Social media influences even the buyers on VP-Level and C-Level. Therefore, it is important to have a social media presence to build your brand. However, make sure you choose the right social media platform whether it is LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. Think about where your target audience is going to be and how you can reach them. 


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