How Can Retargeting Benefit Your Business?

How Can Retargeting Benefit Your Business?

Vani Krishnamurthy

Vani Krishnamurthy

16 Nov 2020 | 3 min read

Christmas is just around the corner! Before the holiday season, companies are planning more focused holiday campaigns than ever before. This is primarily due to small businesses that have seen the economic downfall from the pandemic, pedalling harder to get more sales during this time.

The business owners could just be wondering:
Is my holiday campaign well worth the effort?
Will my products/services be able to stand out among the crowd?

Well, we hope some of our tips will help you revise your marketing strategy for this holiday season.

No digital marketing campaign is complete without retargeting. It is one of the most proven tactics to get better conversions. But let’s understand the basics first.

What is retargeting?

92% of people who visit a website for the first time don’t intend on buying. So how do you get them back to revisit your website? The simple answer is, through retargeting ads. 

It is designed to target the website users who have shown interest in your product or services by going through the pages of your website, or by watching a video on your website or adding your products to the cart but dropped-off without purchasing them - cart abandoners.

Retargeting increases the chances of conversion. This is done by using trackers like cookies that allow you to track users who have left your website without purchasing or completing a set of actions (fill the contact form, download PDF, etc.,) and you can retarget them using ads on various platforms.


Well-known ad platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and also third-party platforms like AdRoll, PerfectAudience & Retargeter include retargeting functionality within their platforms. 

Some of the benefits of social media retargeting are:

  • People are likely to share, reply, and discuss your content.
  • Your ads are seen to be posted from a real account rather than an anonymous web banner.

The advantage of website retargeting is that:

  • It works well for impressions because your ad will follow your targeted audience throughout the website, not just a few social media sites.


Let’s check out how retargeting can benefit your business.

If you want to re-engage website visitors to tell them about your products, promotions or announcements, setting an “awareness” goal will help you. Measuring impressions and engagement would be the best metrics to determine the success of your awareness campaign.

Suppose if your campaign goal is to get more “conversions”, you can include retargeting in different stages of your marketing funnel. 

  • You can use ads to send users to a landing page where people can fill in a form. This will give you a new set of leads.

  • Another option is to use retargeting for users who gave you limited information in a form. You can serve them ads that go to longer forms where you can better qualify those leads.

  • You can use retargeting to send potential customers to lower parts of the funnel if you have a list of contacts. For example, if you have people who have signed up for your product catalog/ebook, you can then move them closer to purchase by sending them a free trial of your product.

You can measure your campaign success by website clicks, the number of form submissions, and cost per lead. 

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