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Case Study

Learn To Fly

Brand | Product Launch | Digital Products

digital marketing
digital marketing

Learn to Fly needed a full creative solution to get their new flight school off to a strong start. We answered their call and created a distinctive logo and brand direction, positioning them higher than they’d ever flown before with amazing results.

digital marketing

We give business a boost.

Learn to Fly was the new kid on the block, but they had a gutsy mission to make flight training more affordable and more accessible for the masses. Combining world class simulation with hands-on training, Learn to Fly’s hybrid approach created a seamless experience for casual flyers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Using their established brand theme, we designed and created content for their brochures and other marketing collateral. Sticking to the themes of ‘fun’ and ‘innovative’, we developed a responsive website with cutting edge interactive effects that allowed viewers to fly their own plane on the homescreen.

digital marketing

Reaching prospects as far as their planes can fly.

After a very successful opening with sustained success and inbound leads, the Melbourne based company recognised the opportunities for export marketing. Having received large demand from international students, they knew that growth was around the corner. Staying true to their mission to make flight training more affordable and more accessible for the masses, they re-engaged with Mo Works to market their offerings.

digital marketing
digital marketing
digital marketing
digital marketing

Expanding in all directions.

When considering overseas markets, marketing costs can rack up quickly. There are language translations, different cultures and customer behaviours to consider. Using Mo Works’ expertise in export marketing development, Learn to Fly were able to leave it in our capable hands. After conducting an extensive market research, we helped establish their brand in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Mo Works managed all of Learn To Fly’s international marketing and provided consultation for Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme. We also created campaigns to showcase Learn to Fly as a tourist attraction, targetting international students and travellers.

digital marketing
digital marketing
digital marketing
digital marketing

Our work together after re-engagement:

• Website design and development for the Chinese market
• Social media management in English & Chinese
• Direct marketing in Chinese
• Ad management and buying in Chinese
• Event marketing in Singapore

100 Attendees
Singapore Event Marketing
Over 80%
Overseas Students
Potential Return from EMDG

Clients and Partners

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