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Case Study

Invox Finance

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digital marketing
digital marketing

Invox Finance, a blockchain-based fintech trailblazer, required a prominant online presence leading up to their ICO that clearly, effectively and stylishly communicated with their audience.

digital marketing

When innovation meets creativity.

They say that beautiful web design is the first strategic digital milestone of a brand and should leave everything looking good, feeling good, and primed for growth.

Going one step further, we took a deep-dive into what made Invox Finance tick, their aspirations and the technology behind their platform.

digital marketing

First, we went about revitalising the existing Invox Finance brand, coupling a strong and modern sans serif font with 3D images and then overlaid with blue and pink gradients to create a striking effect.

Custom icons and illustrations were used to communicate facts and other important information in an interesting and enjoyable yet concise manner, making the important and information-rich Invox Finance website a joy to navigate .

digital marketing
digital marketing
digital marketing

The results.

Google Ad Clicks
Whitelist Growth
Unique Website Visitors
Facebook Followers
Twitter Followers
Telegram Growth

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