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Our ears picked up when we were presented with the opportunity to revamp City Learn’s website. As a leading online education provider with 8 years of experience in the industry, City Learn required a fresh website designed for student prospects to seamlessly navigate and enrol. What previously was a bulky website with pages hidden within pages had to go.

We began researching about the business, industry, competitors and market to develop a moodboard to create a stylescape that would resound with City Learn’s objectives. To evaluate the enrolment process, we relied on usage metrics in conjunction with usability tests. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding by combining both qualitative and quantitative information.

Although users were able to get through the checkout, most of them struggled to navigate around the website. Discussions with users revealed that the website isn’t user-friendly and discourages them to navigate more. This point is further solidified with the short times in user visits.

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Our solution:

UI & UX Design

We created better user flows with the design and optimised each section to encourage the user to begin the enrollment process. We created icons, illustrations and other design elements to encourage user engagement and activity across the website.

digital marketing
digital marketing

Content Development

We optimised the headers and subheaders for SEO and keyword ranking. Additionally, the content is streamlined and condensed for better readability. This encourages the user to continue down the process easily without the additional fluff.

Website, platform and Student/Teacher Portal 

We developed a user-friendly website and backend that represents what City Learn is about. The website allows users to immediately find what they are looking for and begin the enrolment process. The backend platform is highly functional and packed with features, providing the City Learn team with a comprehensive view of enrolments. The student/teacher portal facilitated student and teacher engagement - providing exams, quizzes, assignments, just to name a few.

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A website that serves the primary objective of City Learn, to encourage education and upskilling. This highly functional website is linked to a platform and portal that streamlines the admin processes and onboarding of students to the overall experience between student and teacher. Ultimately, City Learn is now better positioned as an online education platform that has been digitally transformed, well-organised and optimised for prospective students, teachers, administrators, and all other stakeholders.

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