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Mo Works Creative Agency Participates in the Hong Kong and Thailand Trade Missions

Ian Yun
Ian Yun
15 Nov 2018 • 2 min read

We’re eager to announce that Mo Works Creative Agency have been selected to be a part of the upcoming Hong Kong and Thailand trade missions!

We're eager to announce that we have been selected to be a part of the upcoming Hong Kong and Thailand trade missions! These missions are under the Victorian Government initiative to promote Victoria's creative and emerging technology companies. Our team is aiming to reach global audiences and generate new opportunities within the creative and emerging tech space.

Hong Kong Trade – Business of Design Week

Mo works creative agency bodw hongkong emerging tech

This year's Business of Design Week (BODW) is fast approaching! This event takes place in Hong Kong from December 3rd to 8th and the most influential designers from all industries ranging from architecture, photography, illustration, graphic design and everything in between. Leaders from around the world will gather to explore business opportunities, exchange ideas and network.

Did you know that Hong Kong has one of the freest economies of 2018?

As a visually striking city, full of design inspiration, we couldn't think of a better place to host this event! While Hong Kong is the gateway to the Chinese mainland, it's design industry has become progressively export-oriented. We can't wait to meet the other attendees and foster future partnerships along the way.

Thailand Trade Mission

Mo works creative agency trade mission thailand victoria emerging tech

The trade mission in Thailand takes place just following the mission in Hong Kong, from December 10 to 13th. This mission aims to maintain momentum and to build on business opportunities identified in the program. It also helps to support delegates in pursuing trade and investment opportunities arising from Thailand's rapid development.

Did you know that Thailand's automotive and electronics manufacture 19% of the economy's exported goods?

As a part of the Thailand trade mission, Mo Works will be involved in many aspects such as building market insights, expanding networks, promoting our capabilities and identifying potential partners. By participating in the mission, we will make important contacts from within the delegation, sharing expertise and exploring potential collaborations with international technology businesses that are on the same journey.

The mission will be intimate, accepting a maximum of 15 companies providing for a tailored program for every company participating. The Mo Works team is certainly looking forward to these trade missions which will greatly increase our influence in the global platform as a creative agency for emerging tech.

Will we be seeing you there? To keep updated on our mission to HK and Thailand, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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