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Versatility in Marketing is the Key to Project Successes!

Samuel Webster

An insatiable hunger for disruptive technology led Sam to jump straight from his engineering degree into Mo Works’ welcoming arms. His love of a challenge means he’s often seen feeding his inventive mind with opportunities to analyse the framework of a business and grow emerging communities. Known to take time out to travel, he recently spent a spell in Berlin.

Samuel Webster
09 Oct 2018 • 3 min read

Being adaptable and multifaceted is a necessity in the marketing industry! Following the success of Hatch Quarter’s launch of their Playbook, the Mo Works team have decided to share with you our secrets to becoming more versatile for your clients.

On September 27th, our partners at Hatch Quarter had an outstanding turnout at their Playbook launch event! We stood beside them as they seamlessly brought together over 120 attendees, including entrepreneurs and government officials. The purpose of the launch was to bring awareness to the Playbook, a tool to help migrant entrepreneurs start their startup journey here in Victoria.

Mo Works is a creative agency, our expertise is in product launches, digital solutions and effective communication. While we focus greatly on the emerging tech industry, we don't follow a 'one-size-fits-all' format. We understand the importance of being versatile in the marketing industry. Our tech-savvy team of over 30 individuals came together to not only produce but launch a government-based tool for migrant entrepreneurs.

Being adaptable and multifaceted is a necessity in the marketing industry, as clients range, and their needs vary, becoming a chameleon in the industry is crucial.

From going global with our clients to continually implementing our forward-thinking ideology, we are an integrated team that think strategically to create everything in-house. A large part of our versatility stems from having a cohesive team that works together. Our multicultural organisation focuses on how each individual can add to our objectives and end result, viewing it from a new perspective.

There are many things we've done to become the adaptive and cohesive unit we are today! Here are a few tactics we've used to become more versatile:

1. Choosing the Road Less Traveled

By entering unmarked territory with clients who are breaking into a new space, such as Hatch Quarter, there has been many opportunities to expand our knowledge and learn something new.

With new opportunities, come new challenges — but it's how you face these challenges, that determines your strength. Working with clients that bring new ideas to the table can be a risk and present more challenges than expected. While this is so, it will ultimately be a valuable learning experience and you'll surface much stronger than you previously were.

2. Cultural Knowledge

Knowing more about different cultures gives you an advantage that other agencies in your city or country may not have. It opens up opportunities to work with people from around the world.

Learning about new cultures is much easier when you have a diverse work culture. Having a multicultural team allows each member to learn from each other while simultaneously discovering new methods or ideas to implement!

3. Never Stop Learning

Why settle for what you already know when you can expand your mind and take on a growth mindset? With a team that's open to creating a mindset where everyone is willing to take on tasks that may play on their weaknesses rather than their strengths, encourages more growth. As a result, you'll be left with a group that will thrive in any environment and be able to take on any challenge thrown their way!

The success of the Playbook launch is a testament to our team's ability to adapt to change and strategically innovate. In turn, we deliver results that are above and beyond what is expected.

If you missed out on the Playbook launch, don't fret! You can download the ultimate guide for entrepreneurs for free here.

Mo Works Creative Agency is able to attend to all your branding, website design and development, marketing and executions needs. To get in touch with us, please head over to our contact page.

Crypto Regulations in Australia: A Timeline

It’s been a wild ride for the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities internationally – I’m sure you’ll agree. In the past few years, ICOs have raised billions. Billions have also been scammed, lost and hacked. ICOs have been banned, allowed, encouraged, and re-banned.

The Land Down Under has definitely managed to catch some attention, as we have had Australian-based projects such as CanYa ($12 million), Havven ($38.6 million), PowerLedger ($34 million), and Shping ($8.5 million) raise their own millions through the sale of a utility token. Having worked with some of these projects (and many more!), we at Mo Works have seen first-hand the incredible amount of innovation coming into this space.

23 Oct 2018 • 2 min read
Digital Emerging Tech Victoria

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