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Elyse 'the Bookworm' Wurm

Vani Krishnamurthy

Vani can hear, feel and talk with Google. She is our digital marketer and an absolute ninja at search engine optimisation. Adventurous at heart, Vani loves to take road trips whenever the holidays roll around to discover new places. Classically trained in dancing and passionate about cooking, she is quite the natural in a whole host of pursuits.

Vani Krishnamurthy
03 Feb 2015

With a last name like ‘Wurm’ (pronounced just like it looks) I guess it was in her blood to be a bookwormy type…

This week we would like to introduce you to Elyse…

With a last name like ‘Wurm’ (pronounced just like it looks) I guess it was in her blood to be a bookwormy type. And boy, does she live up to the name.

Elyse has always had her head buried in books and loves nothing more than sinking her teeth into a brain twisting essay question. At school, she received the Academic Excellence Award (an award presented to the highest achieving boy and girl in each class in each year level from year 5 to 10) every year she was eligible. It was exciting for her the first couple of times, because she got to spend the $100 Landmark School Supplies gift voucher on Derwent Pencils and fancy artist’s paper. She could only cringe as she got older, as the winning streak became a bit of a running joke among her friends.

Her bookworm alter ego has not vanished with age, as Elyse has completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and is now studying a Masters of Publishing and Communications at the same university. She has learnt to embrace her nerdy side, and believes that because this trait landed her the job at Mo Works, being a bookworm can’t be all bad!

Elyse researches, writes, reads and inspires at Mo Works, she is a true assest to the team and she can be one for you to get your content right, so contact us!

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