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New Project Alert: Kiteboarding Australia

Vani Krishnamurthy

Vani can hear, feel and talk with Google. She is our digital marketer and an absolute ninja at search engine optimisation. Adventurous at heart, Vani loves to take road trips whenever the holidays roll around to discover new places. Classically trained in dancing and passionate about cooking, she is quite the natural in a whole host of pursuits.

Vani Krishnamurthy
03 Dec 2014 • 2 min read

We are excited to announce that we have a new project in the pipeline with Kiteboarding Australia! This promises to be a great partnership and we can’t wait to get started!

Kiteboarding Australia

Kiteboarding Australia does fantastic work as the overseeing body for the sport of kiteboarding in our wonderful country. They take care of multiple aspects of the sport, including:

  • Insurance for members
  • Educating and training instructors
  • Creating opportunities for members
  • Enforcing safety standards
  • Working to keep beaches open for kiteboarding across the country

Above all else, they work to ensure a successful future for kiteboarding as a recreational and competitive sport.

Mo Works are jumping on board to give Kiteboarding Australia a brand new look!

Refresh Branding

We may not be hair or beauty experts, but we are qualified to give Kiteboarding Australia’s branding a makeover! We will be working with Kiteboarding Australia to refresh their image, and part of this will be the design of a brand new logo. Our aim is to create a strong new image that turns heads and draws attention to their professionalism and the important work they do for the kiteboarding community across all Australian states.

New Website

Of course, a redesigned website is the perfect accompaniment to an exciting new brand image! We will be working with Kiteboarding Australia to revamp their online presence and provide the best possible user experience to browsers. The new website will accommodate all membership details and feature a membership area, sponsorship area and yearly event calendar. Innovative designs and eye-catching imagery are the tools we will use to give visitors to the website the perfect first impression.

Stay Tuned!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this and other exciting projects that we are tackling at Mo Works!

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