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Sarah McGregor speaks about our Behance event

Vani Krishnamurthy

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Vani Krishnamurthy
26 Nov 2014 • 3 min read

Mo Works has interviewed Sarah McGregor, Head of Copy at Leo Burnett, as she was the guest speaker for Behance Portfolio Review #6

Sarah @ Behance Portfolio Review #6

Mo Works was recently the proud host of Behance Portfolio Review Melbourne event that brought creative professionals from Melbourne out of the woodwork to discuss their craft. The event was an open forum where members of the creative community could receive feedback on their work and it was a fantastic opportunity for networking. As a rapidly growing agency ourselves, we loved the chance to be part of an initiative that supports the development of the creative industry.

We were lucky enough to have Sarah McGregor, Head of Copy at Leo Burnett, as the guest speaker for the evening, and she opened the event with a wonderful speech about career building. Sarah was generous enough to take the time after the event to tell us a little about her background, her thoughts on the event and where she sees the industry heading in the future.

Mo Works: Hi Sarah! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your career background?

Sarah McGregor: I am currently Head of Copy at Leo Burnett Melbourne where I’ve worked for the last four years. I started my career at Cummins and Partners in 2000 and I’ve since worked at agencies both in Australia and London, including Y&R, DDB and Karmarama. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best loved brands including Honda, Peters, Nintendo, Yellow Pages and Nestle and my work has been recognised both locally and internationally at Cannes, The Clios, New York Festivals, Spikes, Mobius, Adfest and Award, to name a few. I will head up Award School in 2015 and I am a member of the RMIT Advertising Program Advisory Committee.

MW: What did the Behance Portfolio Review involve?

SM: It was an open portfolio night for Behance users to have their work looked at and critiqued by industry professionals.

MW: What was your role in the event?

SM: I was asked to officially welcome everyone to the event and deliver a short speech on the theme of ‘career building’.

MW: Do you think online platforms are important for young designers?

SM: Definitely, there’s been a real move now to display your work online which makes it much more convenient for creative directors to view it quickly and easily.

MW: What do you think the future holds for the industry? Do you see any big changes on the horizon?

SM: I think the way we deliver our ideas is constantly changing – new media, digital and whatever the next bright, shiny thing is. However, one thing remains constant and that’s the importance of an insightful, true idea that taps into a human need.

MW: What’s the best piece of advice you have for people wanting to get into the creative industries regarding networking?

SM: Networking is absolutely important, but it’s no good meeting lots of people and having loads of contacts if your work isn’t 100% where you want it to be. So I would say work around the clock to get your book exactly how you want and remember it’s a work in progress – you need to always be updating it, switching things out for better pieces of work and always looking at it with a critical eye. Then when you do your networking, you’ve got something to blow people’s socks off with.

MW: And finally, what was your impression of Mo Works and our culture? Do you have a message for the team?

SM: I really enjoyed the feel of the agency – the space feels colourful and open, and the team are also open and friendly. My advice would be to work hard, be nice to each other and always remember to have fun and enjoy what you do – that’s the beauty of being in a creative agency.

The Mo Works team thanks Sarah for being kind enough to share her thoughts and advice with us and we will welcome her back anytime to join us for future events.

Head to our website or Facebook page for more information about the event or to find out more about Mo Works!

Behance Event was a Success

Behance is an online platform that allows members of the creative industry to showcase their work and receive the latest news and updates from the industry.

27 Nov 2014
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