Why Your Business Should Invest in a Video Marketing Campaign

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Video Marketing Campaign

Lexie Lu

Lexie Lu

12 Mar 2019 | 6 min read

Are you wondering if a video marketing campaign is a worthwhile investment for your business growth? Video offers a powerful connection with potential customers that other forms of content may not provide.

The data shows how powerful video marketing is, particularly on social media. Not only is video shared more than other forms of content, but people share videos 1200 per cent more than text and images combined.

Adding video to your marketing mix reaches consumers you might not typically reach. Get the most out of your video marketing campaigns by honing in on the benefits of visual media – such as these eight.


1. Boost Conversions


Adding video to your website landing pages boosts sales. One report showed when users watch a video explaining a product or service, about 74 per cent make a purchase.

However, your video must be high-quality and address a pain point the user has. Show how your product solves a problem for your target audience and watch your video convert better than you ever expected.


2. Teach Your Customers


While some products are self-explanatory, many require a bit of teaching, so consumers understand exactly what the item does and why they need it. Videos give you an opportunity to explain your product or service and show it in action. Educational videos help people fully understand how your product can improve their lives.

Zukaz uses a video on their landing page to explain the current problems faced in digital advertising, and how they can change the way businesses advertise to their audience. The video is relatively simple, walking the user through the steps on how the Zukaz application works. The video clearly defines how the company solves a real problem for other businesses.


3. Establish Yourself as an Authority


Explainer videos take a look at certain aspects of the industry which you service and explain that element in a digestible way. For example, a doctor might create a video explaining what hypertension is, its causes and potential treatments. A good explainer video has the power to go viral, expanding your reach far beyond your followers to all of their followers, their followers' followers and so on.


4. Build Trust


Videos build trust between you and your audience. Video content, when done right, engages the user and taps into emotions that drive why the person does the things they do. If you remain authentic and share inside information with your viewers, they're more likely to trust you than if you hold back vital information.

Before creating a video, fact-check the statements you make. If you claim you have the best customer service out of all your competitors, prepare to back up that claim with hard facts.

Invox Finance uses graphics and text that are engaging in their video to highlight the current issues of invoice financing and the features of their solution. It's a video that builds trust because it summarises who they are as a brand.


5. Showcase Your Best Customers


Every business has a handful of raving fans who support them, tell others about the company and bring repeat business. Show those customers how much you appreciate their input by highlighting them in a video testimonial. For example, film clips of customers saying how your brand helped them along with added details such as how they utilised your products in a unique way or the improvements made in their life or business because of your company. Don't make the video too sale-y.


6. Attract the Best Employees


Finding and retaining the best employees in the market helps outpace your competition. However, attracting the top people in any field isn't easy. One thing you have going for you is your company culture, which is unique. Seek out the top candidates who believe in your vision. Use a video to describe what it's like working at your business.

On their careers page, Bamboo HR shows how they create a work-life balance for their employees. The video highlights employees enjoying everyday moments in their personal life and at the same time, still having fun while working. The video is compelling for anyone looking for a career that allows them to have a healthy work-life balance. The company comes across as a fun, authentic place to work.


7. Get More Traffic


Adding video to your website brings in more traffic. About half of all mobile traffic is video viewing. Video gets more traffic from Google, likely because people are already looking for videos and also the way Google displays video at the top of their search result pages.

Keep in mind that your video must still offer value. Traffic isn't beneficial if people find your page and immediately leaves because the video is of poor quality or irrelevant to them. To drive additional traffic and gain some new viewers, upload the video to a popular video hosting site such as YouTube.


8. Engage Consumers


One of the battles of most businesses is figuring out ways of engaging consumers and gaining their interest. A video is a simple way of grabbing people and making them take notice of you.

You can also utilise video for retaining current customers. Around 68 per cent of people prefer to watch an explainer video to solve a problem related to a product. Use videos for troubleshooting and informational endeavours or to expand on written text on your site.



Tell Your Story


Videos are an opportunity for storytelling no matter the content of the video. Your video needs a clear beginning, middle and end to resonate with viewers. An effective video marketing strategy will allow you to connect with your customers and build a deeper relationship with them. 


Lexie Lu is a CX strategist and web designer. Lexie is a contributor to Marketo, Website Magazine and Envato. Feel free to subscribe to her design blog, Design Roast, or follow her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.