How to Protect Your ICO Contributors from Scammers

How to Protect Your ICO Contributors from Scammers

Vani Krishnamurthy

Vani Krishnamurthy

21 Mar 2018 | 2 min read

The expanding world of the Blockchain brings about new threats to the security and success of your ICO.

The expanding world of the blockchain brings about new threats to the security and success of your ICO. Here are some of our tips to making sure that potential ICO contributors know how to keep their tokens secure.

How important is it for your ICO to be secure?

ICOs are vulnerable to thieves who have become proficient in their attacks on social media, email, Telegram and fund-raising platforms, and by creating fake websites and impersonating ICO team members. Therefore, some precautions are essential to make sure that your contributors continue to trust your ICO and don't unnecessarily put themselves at risk.

What can you do to create trust in your ICO?

1. Telegram supergroups are the one of the best communication hubs for crypto-users, making it hugely important that you continually monitor your group and use automated bots to protect your contributors from scam links and accounts.

2. Keep an eye out for scammers replicating posts, creating fake websites or impersonating ICO team members, and remove or report anything suspicious immediately—you should also make sure to ask your contributors to do the same.

3. Make sure that you continually remind your users to keep their account details as secure as possible and be sure to never reveal their private keys or personal data to anyone.

4. Review your official company websites regularly and encourage your token buyers to manually type out and double-check the URL before providing their account details or making any payments. Post the correct URL in your community groups frequently to help ensure that fake websites are spotted and dealt with quickly.

5. Make sure that users/contributors are aware of the security dangers and that they make contact with your official websites if they ever come across anything suspicious, such as accounts contacting them privately asking for personal details or payments and emails/websites or accounts that seem out of character or post details that are different to the rest of your accounts.

6. Employ a set of guidelines and make your community aware of these. Let your community know you may ask them to Direct Message your team and that no one from your ICO will ever Direct Message a community member.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to make sure that your ICO contributors remain secure online. Good luck and see you on the blockchain!


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