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We put the 'Works' in Mo Works

Mo Works is a multicultural team with varied lives, goals and viewpoints. We use our unique perspectives to break down cultural barriers and create truly global solutions.

Mo Works Team Member

Mo Hamdouna Managing Director

A day dreamer and goal chaser, Mo brings over fifteen years of design, business development and problem solving experience to the table. He’s involved in every step of the production cycle but you’re more likely to find him doodling his ideas than writing dot points.
Mo Works Team Member

Ophelie Mouton Managing Partner

Ophi is our business management pocket rocket who makes sure we all stay on track. She’s an all-rounder who doesn’t mind dipping her toe into strategies and event planning, but her real hidden talent is taming a Google Spreadsheet using mad formatting and colour coding skills that you’ve never seen anyone wield before.
Mo Works Team Member

Aiman Hamdouna Partner

An entrepreneur at heart with a smile that will make your week, Aiman is the director of Hatch Quarter and our innovation consultant. A problem solver with a eye for big ideas, he is always looking for opportunities to help Mo Works take off in inspired new directions. With his passion for human rights, a deep understanding of marketing and a flair for dancing, we can’t ask for more.
Mo Works Team Member

Caitlyn Clinch Account Executive

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Caitlyn’s unwavering passion for business and marketing lead her to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. As our Account Executive, she handles the day-to-day management for accounts, providing oversight for their projects and making sure the team always stay on track.
Mo Works Team Member

Maxton Gilchrist Head of Communications

Max emboldens the team to unearth creative solutions that win hearts and spur action. With a manifesto of ‘surprise, delight, inspire’ he believes in creative briefs that raise brows, strategies that kick down doors and ideas that win. Having worked his way across the colonies, Max relocated to Melbourne to sip great espresso and do even better work. When he’s not creating memorable brand encounters you’ll find him doing his best action man impersonation or jonesing for another podcast hit about social science or self actualisation.
Mo Works Team Member

Daniela Abril Account Coordinator

With a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, a love of advertising and a colourful personality, Daniela brings her experience managing global brands in a range of industries to Mo Works. Daniela believes in the power of a good idea and disciplined execution—her favourite part is when the plan comes together and achieves real results. She is now in Melbourne chasing her passion for new cultures and meeting marvellous people with different perspectives.
Mo Works Team Member

Ian Yun PR and Community Executive

Born in the tropics of Malaysia, Ian ventured to do his degree in PR in Adelaide and has since planted new roots in Melbourne. As our resident PR and community buff, he brings a wealth of knowledge on journalism and expansive thinking into his role. He crunches the numbers and formulates strategies into compelling presentations, and is also our go-to-guy for solving in-house maths problems.
Mo Works Team Member

Rebecca Petrusic Head of Digital

As our project lead, she is the captain of this ship! With a background in journalism, Bec was drawn to the fast-paced world of digital and quickly became a bit of an all-rounder. Whether she is developing innovative strategies, writing astute copy, or being the queen of critique, she’s fuelled by an intuitive understanding of the digital space and her creative flair.
Mo Works Team Member

Samuel Webster Content Writer

An insatiable hunger for disruptive technology led Sam to jump straight from his engineering degree into Mo Works’ welcoming arms. His love of a challenge means he’s often seen feeding his inventive mind with opportunities to analyse the framework of a business and grow emerging communities. A childhood spent reading has left Sam with a passion for writing—he'll tackle any blog or content thrown his way.
Mo Works Team Member

Vani Krishnamurthy Digital Marketing Executive

Vani can hear, feel and talk with Google. She is our digital marketer and an absolute ninja at search engine optimisation. Adventurous at heart, Vani loves to take road trips whenever the holidays roll around to discover new places. Classically trained in dancing and passionate about cooking, she is quite the natural in a whole host of pursuits.
Mo Works Team Member

Carlota Paynter Social Media Executive

Mo Works Team Member

Andres Herrera Senior Digital Designer

After cutting his creative teeth in Colombia at a leading marketing agency, Andres brought his exceptional design skills across the South Pacific and joined Mo Works as a senior digital designer in 2017. With a strong feel for conceptual art and branding, and an understanding of the important behavioural shifts that design can invoke, he has a skillset that is constantly expanding, from art direction to photograph, all the way to the drums.
Mo Works Team Member

Clemence Vandame Digital Designer

Clemence has given life in France, Sweden, Malaysia and the US a go, but made Australia home 7 years ago to pursue her passion for graphic design and all things digital. With a keen eye for detail and a soft spot for Bob Dylan, you might catch her cruising around Melbourne on her bicycle, hunting down the hottest coffee spots.
Mo Works Team Member

Juan Camilo Beltran Senior Digital Designer

Juan has over 15 years’ experience in creative advertising and specialises in digital and motion graphic design as well as 3D modelling. After studying marketing & advertising, he discovered that design was the best tool for doing what he loves—communicating ideas. This Colombian-born creative has a talent for salsa dancing and an infectious sense of humour.
Mo Works Team Member

Mark Kiewiet Senior Designer

This modern day Rembrandt has been circling around the globe for the last ten years, joining our team in Melbourne and relocating to Netherlands to prove our hands are really wrapped around the globe. As a senior designer, Mark uses his artistic prowess to nimbly execute all variety of brand identity, logo and digital design projects.
Mo Works Team Member

Xiang Ren Front-end developer

Motivated to delight and inform across digital platforms, Xiang spends practically all day, everyday playing with PHP, CSS and JavaScript. He is keen to stretch his mind in new directions and enjoys keeping an eye out for new tools to add to his tech belt. Xiang enjoys Japanese anime, video games and travelling to new places.
Mo Works Team Member

Zaid Al-Faouri Regional Manager (MENA)

Mo Works Team Member

Xuan De Software Engineer

For Xuan, problem solving through code is both a job and a hobby. From building user interfaces, creating databases or tackling complicated development problems, he brings his impressive design and programming ability to the Mo Works team. Based in Sydney, you might catch him on weekends at Leichhardt Oval supporting his beloved Sydney FC.

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