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Damn Good Design

Our flair for graphic design and creative production creates a global impact with influence. Using the power of design-led thinking, we find unique solutions and inject creativity into the very fabric of your business.

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We Can Create Explainer Videos, Pitch Decks and Presentations with Better Branding.

Copy Creation

From technical to sophisticated, or even playful–we just get it. With an emphasis on thoughtful communication and deeper meaning, our copy team always finds the perfect words.

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Interaction Design

With years spent designing the user-centric under their belts, our designers will chase the perfect experience until they get it.

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Animation & Video production

Design is no longer just two dimensional, and our designers never fail to find unique ways to achieve eye-popping engagement.

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AR / VR Experiential

Revolutionary tech? Our team have been exciting customers with augmented reality since the beginning! Ask us how AR / VR could help your business thrive.

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Visual Design

In its simplest form, our design team create captivating imagery that will elevate any marketing strategy and campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use AR/VR and how can it help my business?


We can use AR/VR to enhance your app or tech product, or simply use it across advertising campaigns and activations. AR/VR can have many benefits on your business by enhancing your customers’ journey and experience with your brand.

What’s involved in the process of creating an explainer video?


A well-produced video can be the key to connecting with your customers and sharing your story. Our talented team of creatives can help with the entire process of video production; from conceptualisation, crafting the message, script and storyboard, to filming, designing visual elements and editing.

I’m not based in Melbourne, can we work together remotely?


Absolutely! Our communication and project management tools allow us to work with clients from anywhere in the world. We’ve worked with clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Albury, Perth, all the way to New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, Jordan, France and Japan.

What type of copywriting can your team produce?


Our diverse team of copywriters combine their skills and expertise in different areas to produce a range of copywriting styles. We can create copy for everything from technical documents to social media, press releases to pitch decks.

Do you produce the creative assets for ad campaigns, such as posters and online banners?


Creative assets are the main ingredient for your ad campaign. Utilising the campaign strategy, we combine the objectives, message and copy to deliver creative assets that are sure to convert.

Areas of operation

Mo Works is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with influence in South-East Asia and MENA region

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