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Melbourne made apps & websites

We specialise in making web and app experiences that convert. Our wealth of digital experience includes strategy and consulting, UX/UI and development. Create something your customers love today.

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From user stories and wireframes, all the way to full development and deployment.

User Experience & Interface Design

We know that minimal friction leads to maximum user retention. We break down interfaces into their simplest forms and construct a journey of seamless experiences from there.

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App Development

Using native and cross-platform app development platforms, we build a secure, fully scalable and robust app across iOS and Android platforms. Our team can handle all sizes of mobile development from small scale apps to enterprise-grade, covering user stories right through to app store optimisation.

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Website Development

Need an innovative, highly functional and user friendly website? Look no further. Whether it’s setting up eCommerce and wholesale portals or streamlining your internal processes, let us help you transform the way you do business online.

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Ecommerce development

Leveraging ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Salesforce and other enterprise options. We manage the full process from online sales, inventory management, invoices, shipping and notification options as well as simplified and complex custom options.

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Cloud Hosting & Maintenance

Ongoing management, design on request, security, maintenance, hosting services and more will let you focus on the important things while we handle the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mo Works the best app development agency?


At Mo Works, we have extensive experience making excellent apps, and we always marry functionality with beautiful design. We also offer ongoing support whenever you need an update or redesign.

Is UI/UX important for a business?


Having an optimised website is important for everything from reputation to purchases. A good website will do a lot of work for your business. The easier it is for a customer to get to the end goal; checkout, contact page or whatever your business’ main goal is, the more conversions you will see.

What is the importance of UI/UX designs on a website or app?


UI and UX stand for User Interface and User Experience. This refers to how user-friendly your website or app is. Making sure your website or app are designed for your customer is essential. If something becomes difficult on your app or website, users simply leave, reducing your conversion rate; the rate your website or app achieves your business’ goals.

What sort of testing do you conduct to have a ready-to-launch website/app?


We conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in the last phase of our website or app development testing process, during which we replicate real-life scenarios, where actual users test the solution, and assess its ability to handle the tasks.

Do you provide a support plan?


Upon development completion, our team will work to develop a flexible support agreement that fits your project’s unique needs for support and maintenance.

What is your warranty?


We want you to get the most out of your solution, so we provide an extensive website and app code warranty for the solutions we build. Our website and app warranty covers any defects, bugs or other service issues resulting from the development process.

Who owns the source code and all the assets created by the project?


Generally, the application code created by Mo Works is your property – you will take full intellectual ownership of the source code needed to deploy the project and all assets created by the project team from day one.

Areas of operation

Mo Works is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with influence in South-East Asia and MENA region

We make damn good Apps & websites

We define, design and develop the products customers love. Let’s build the future, together.