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Level Up Your Brand

We are a full-stack branding agency in Melbourne creating industry-leading work. Our strategies involving design and communication are results-driven, effectively connecting with your audience.

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Brand identities that cover your brand positioning, tone of voice, product language and more.

Logo Creation

A logo is your first chance to make an impression, and our creatives won’t let us stop until they’ve captured the perfect design.

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Identity Design

Looking good is one thing, but ensuring your brand conveys a deeper message will mark you a step above the rest.

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Brand Activation

By combining creative marketing strategies with targeting technology, we ensure you reach and engage the right markets and drive your audience to act.

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Brand Guidelines

It’s the little things that matter. With comprehensive brand guidelines, your brand will have a clear recipe for internal use now and long into the future.

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Naming & Nomenclature

Finding the right name can make or break a product, but there’s nothing that excites our team more than discovering that perfect fit for a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify my branding needs?


Branding benchmarks vary across all industries, and this has an impact on your branding needs. We analyse these benchmarks and utilise our experience to assess the effectiveness of your brand and advise you on how to achieve your goals. No matter your business size or stage, we’ll work with you to determine the best way forward for your brand based on your goals.

What can I expect from the Mo Works branding process?


Our team will first have an in-depth creative workshop with you, where we analyse and brainstorm around your brand, what it represents and what you want it to represent. After this, we produce multiple concepts in a stylescape format that you and the team then further discuss. The end product will be the essence of your brand in beautiful design true to your vision.

How do packages work at Mo Works?


We tailor our packages to suit your specific goals and requirements - we work with you to determine your needs through a transfer of knowledge and ensuring we fully understand your business and position. Our packages include a comprehensive suite of services that ensure the execution aligns with our intricate process.

What’s the difference between brand identity and brand guidelines?


Brand guidelines set a precedent for how your brand communicates and provides consistency. They typically include your brand’s story, vision and personality. Brand identity refers to the collection of visible elements that help your brand to be identified and distinguished by your consumers.

What do brand guidelines cover?


Brand guidelines outline all the visual and verbal elements of your brand, including your story and values, personality, tone of voice, logo, graphic and photography style, colour palettes, typography, and co-branding.

Areas of operation

Mo Works is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with influence in South-East Asia and MENA region

Bring Your Brand to the Future

If you're starting from scratch or it’s time to rebrand, we have you covered. Let’s do it.